Siete y medio


Ámsterdam, Holanda
Plǝt- is happy to present a series of #7 sets of playing cards, exhibiting the works of Fina Anjou, Lennart Constant, Jack Matthew Heard, Heidi Howard, Elias Njima, David Ostrowski and Alexander Tillegreen. Each deck of cards is host to a singular image, fragmented across the deck as a whole, revealing each artwork piece-by-piece as each card game unfolds.

Made as a site-specific work for Supersimétrica, these cards are installed at Casa del Reloj, replacing the standard playing cards used by the patrons. Aiming to facilitate an engagement between contemporary art and the local community, this project inspires to facilitate an intimate relationship with contemporary art in a seamless and colloquial form.

This project is carried out with the support of Mirador Arganzuela, a program of innovation in proximity culture of the Junta de Arganzuela where the social fabric, the spaces and cultural centers of the district collaborate with Intermediae / Matadero Madrid to develop the cultural agenda of Arganzuela.